What is content marketing?

So what is content marketing and why the big fuss? Content marketing has been called the future of marketing – why? Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing creates interest in your product or service through educational, entertaining and informative material. It doesn’t go away from marketing’s fundamental roots, in fact, at its heart is satisfying needs and wants.  Content marketing, when it’s high quality, solves problems.

Just like your interesting friend who is always popular, it’s the same with good content, it’s interesting and keeps you popular. It’s not the hard sell in your face of traditional advertising, it’s subtle and confirms what your customer thinks about your brand and shares information with them that they’re going to like and value.

So how do you go about getting a content marketing strategy? Is it easy to develop?

For me, it’s all about keeping it simple and having a plan. More about this soon.

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